Director, Centre for Social Responsibility

A lifetime of searching for the best way to make the world a better place has led Nadine to the conclusion that the best path is to help others make their giving more engaging and effective.

On the way there, she studied international development and business administration at university, had misadventures as a serial volunteer in Mexico and beyond, coordinated workplace giving and fielded solicitations as the executive assistant for a blue-chip company, and she spent several years as a professional fundraiser.

All of these experiences culminated in Nadine writing the book The Savvy Do Gooder: Giving that Makes a Difference, a step-by-step guide to effective giving for a new generation. Through media appearances, speaking engagements, and event facilitation, she seeks to shift the way people view doing good in our society. She is one of the forces behind the Good Hundred Experiment, a dynamic and interactive event for do-gooders of all kinds to connect and develop their own missions.

Nadine’s favourite Expedition memory:

“My favourite Expedition experience is one I’m on still on right now. I like moving towards a working culture that fosters critical thinking, healthy debate, and energetic questioning of everything. I discovered that learned behaviours from past experience with ‘yesterday’s’ work environments have to be unlearned- authenticity, openness, and caring are now the order of the day while differences and an entrepreneurial spirit are valued. The adjustment can be surprisingly difficult to make, although very much welcome”.

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