What does IE Inc. do?

The Innovation Expedition undertakes, and mentors others to undertake, initiatives that are aimed at helping diverse stakeholders to climb mountains together, to collaborate and unleash innovations to solve complex tasks and to drive dramatic improvements in organizational, team, and individual performance.

We see ourselves as a:

People Network – of global mentors from varied disciplines, building a distinctive;

Knowledge Network – focused on unleashing innovations to drive improved organizational performance, which is supported and informed by a;

Technology Network – of platforms and applications supporting collaboration.

We use an eclectic range of tools, processes, and people to support individuals and teams in their innovation expeditions. Whether these are corporations seeking transformation, network organizations seeking to have impact, non-profit organizations seeking to strengthen their impact on society, municipalities or governments seeking to engage their communities in a transformation expedition, the Innovation Expedition team has been there to help.

In 2014, in collaboration with our strategic alliance partner the Collaborative Media Group (CMG), we will launch the International Institute for Innovation (3i). This virtual space will provide the tools needed for you to engage in powerful, mindful, and meaningful thought-leadership with like-minded colleagues from around the world. It uses CMG’s powerful Core Community platform, webcasts, and social media tools to support your learning expeditions.