Lessons for Social Change and Generative Leadership: Permaculture at the Good100

Video now available of 3i CSR Director Nadine Riopel’s interview with Rob and Michelle Avis of Verge Permaculture at the 2014 Good Hundred Experiment

VIDEO: A Different Kind of Community Engagement: Risk Management and Disaster Preparedness

Video now available of the May 28th 3i CSR webcast with Paul Riopel and Shane Schreiber.

Labour Shortage? What Labour Shortage? Workplace Diversity and Inclusiveness

Would you like to tap into a whole new market of potential employees? Get access to a new group of potential customers? Minimize your risk of harassment and discrimination complaints? Increase diversity of thought and ideas at every level of your organization? Increase employee retention?Diversity

If so, working on your organization’s diversity and inclusiveness might be just the opportunity you’re looking for. Beware quick fixes – this area offers huge long-term benefits, but it’s got to be done right, from the ground up. When built right into an organization’s culture, it can yield great results.

But where do you start? How is it done? On June 19th, we explored this question with Ian Mathieson of CRC Consulting. He uses his real-world experience in helping organizations tackle the question of diversity and inclusiveness, and shares some tips and insights you can use immediately.

Educational Sauna with Pasi Sahlberg

Educational Sauna Pasi Sahlberg

Pasi Sahlberg is Professor of Education at Harvard and author of Finnish lessons. In this discussion he explores what is happening in education in South Africa and Australia,

Equity in Education – A Great School for All


Equity is a major policy driver for education. This video and power point presentation explores what this means in the context of a particular school system – Alberta. Equity is contrasted with the Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) approach to educational policy.

How to Stop the Privatization of the Public Sector

Thinking Fast and Slow


Inc Magazine interviewed Nobel prize winner Daniel Khaneman about his book on how we make decisions. It is worth watching, as is the hour long BBC Horizon program How We Really Make Decisions. IE explores some of the implications of Dr Khaneman’s work here.

The Loss of Wisdom


Wisdom is a critical requirement for the new renaissance. Yet it appears to be a quality that is scarce. Watch this video to get a sense of the implications of this loss of wisdom. Then ask: how do we develop wisdom?

Rethinking the Future

Understanding Innovation

Wealth, Success, and Measuring Real Change: An Interview With Mark Anielski

Money is easy to measure. Social impact is, historically, not. This has long been a challenge for those of us working towards social responsibility in results-based environments, such as the corporate world and government.

Mark Anielski offers a creative and refreshing solution to this dilemma. Drawing on his extensive background as an economist, policy analyst, and thought leader, he has developed the groundbreaking Genuine Wealth model, which is being used by businesses, governments, and communities around the world to build a new economy of well being.

On March 20, 2014, he sat down with us for a conversation, broadcast live on our interactive site. See below for the recorded video of that conversation.

Don Simpson – Rethinking Healthcare in Canada

Don Simpson Rethinking Healthcare in Canada

Don Simpson – The Future of Philanthropy

Don Simpson – The Future of Philanthropy

We asked Don Simpson – Chief Explorer of the Innovation Expedition – to share his thinking on the future of philanthropy and the growth of social enterprise.

The Privatization of the Public Sector – Allyson Pollock

Allyson Pollock: Taking Action to Stop the Privatization of the Public Sector

Sir Ken Robinson – Bring on the Learning Revolution

Sir Ken Robinson – Leading a Learning Revolution

TED TALK: How to Start a Movement

How To Start a Movement

TED Talk Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

TED Talk: Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

TED Talk: Lead Like the Great Conductors

Lead Like the Great Conductors (TED Talk)

How to Choose Your Focus for Doing Good…Nadine Riopel

Savvy Do Gooder

Smile or Die? Barbara Ehrenreich at the Royal Society of Arts

Smile or Die!

Would a Guaranteed Minimum Income Change the Landscape of Canada?

A Town Without Poverty

Canada’s Productivity

How effective is Canada’s drive for higher productivity?

How Competitive is Canada?

Knowledge Matters

Knowledge – the new capital of organizations

High Performing Leaders

An introduction to renaissance leadership…

Business Series Rethinking the Future

Six trends which will reshape the future and lead to an in between time.