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Despite her youthful, fun loving nature, Janet has more than 16 years of serious professional and practical experience and has gained specialisms in organizational, technological, and industrial change from both sides of the Atlantic. Janet has a wealth of experience in field research, stakeholder engagement and identifying strategic issues facing industrial sectors, having worked on international projects for sectors in the auto-industry, hi-tech, oil and gas, forestry, and higher education. Based in Calgary, Janet consults with industry, government and other organizations focused on collaboration, innovation and change.

Janet’s favourite Expedition memory:

“A fantastic day of exploring in the desert, near Dubai with locals. On our way back to base, our jeep got stuck in a deep sand dune and the tire popped off the rim of the wheel. We all have to get out as they dig us out.  It’s getting dark and the pressure is on as we need to get moving – scorpions are starting to be active now that the sun is down and I’m trying to control my irrational hate of the poisonous arthropods.  There are a few attempts to get the tire back on the rim but it keeps getting stuck.  I pull out my lip salve to soothe my sun chapped lips- suddenly there is much gesturing at my lip salve and I soon realize they need it to lubricate the tire to get it back on the rim. It works like magic and we’re soon on our way. My lesson: even the most innocuous of everyday items can be repurposed as your solution, if you are willing to look at it differently!”

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