Chief Scout

Stephen worked at the world-renowned Open University, UK (1973-1985) before taking a position as Dean of the the Faculty of Administrative Studies (now the School of Business) at Athabasca University, Canada. There, he founded the world’s first online MBA program, which still thrives. Stephen was then founder and President of PSQ International (1988-1998), Chairman and CEO of Lifeskills International Ltd of the United Kingdom (1998-2002) and is now Chief Executive of the Collaborative Media Group, owner of the Innovation Expedition Inc.

Stephen has worked with global corporations such as Oracle, Heinz, Barclays Bank, Wal-Mart, ConocoPhillips, Textron, Bayer, and national organizations such as Molson Brewery (Canada), Debenhams (UK), Bank of Montreal (Canada), and First Group Rail (UK). He has also worked with networks, such as the International Animal Vaccine Network, EnergyINet, the Energy Futures Network, and the Alberta Council of Technologies. He has worked with Governments across Canada (especially the Government of Alberta and the Government of Ontario), cities (most recently the City of Ottawa) and cross-Ministerial projects, such as Alberta’s Forestry Road Map.

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Stephen’s favourite Expedition memory:

“We worked with Oracle Europe & Middle-East to help reinvent their leadership strategy through working on wicked problems. We had several global teams tasked to solve the sticky business problems, some of which had plagued the business and restricted operations for nearly a decade. In the space of 18 months, we turned around thinking and we had solved 75% of them, and made real progress on the rest. For one project, we secured over half a billion pounds in revenue. The program was so successful that it was immediately rolled out to the other Oracle global regions and still remains a key process at Oracle to this day.”

By Stephen Murgatroyd -