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Centre for Public Policy
Rethinking Education

Learning is key to our success. Education represents our best opportunity to tap into one of the most powerful resources in existence: the creative potential of human beings. Schools, educators, technology—all must be constantly adapting and improving, transforming to meet the educational needs of students and society.

This Expedition will engage everyone (from world-renowned experts to frontline professionals) in a conversation about how to do that by making our educational systems dynamic, responsive, stimulating and productive.

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Rethinking Science and Public Policy / Innovation

In every organization and every sector, innovation is crucial in order to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing world. To constantly seek excellence and accomplishment and to excel in the marketplace, we must hone our ability to adapt and improve. We must cultivate a culture of innovation in our organizations so that every individual takes on a commitment to finding new, creative, and better ways of doing things.

This Expedition will draw on the expertise of thought leaders with a broad base of experience in business and innovation, and engage fresh new perspectives, to create an exciting discussion of how innovation can and must flourish in every environment.

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Centre for the Future

The home of future thinking. In this Centre we will develop an understanding of strategic foresight both as a practice and as a science which has implications. What does the future look like and how do we develop a strong set of skills focused on futures-thinking that is grounded in evidence, understanding and insight?

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Centre for Social Responsibility

What are the challenges facing society that philanthropy and social enterprise is seeking to respond to? Are our current responses appropriate or should we be looking at new approaches and frameworks for philanthropy, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility? What does social responsibility look like for the 21st Century?

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