Charities Aren’t Being Honest With You

By Nadine Riopel -

You’re being lied to, friends. Not maliciously or even deliberately, but it’s happening because it’s hard to tell someone the truth if: a) we don’t think they want to hear it; and b) they have some sort of power over us. Say it ain’t so! This dynamic is rampant between charities and supporters. The charities […]

created: Wednesday May 15th, 2013

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A Radical Agenda for the Future of Post Secondary Education in Canada

By Janet Tully -

Universities and colleges in Canada are facing three major challenges. First, the funding model on which they have operated for a considerable time is broken. They have depended on Provincial governments to fund base operating and capital and, even though capital projects continue, base funding for operational activity is declining in real terms. Second, the […]


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