Building the International Institute for Innovation (3i)

We are preparing to launch the International Institute for Innovation (3i)The Innovation Expedition. We are going back to our roots and are helped by many who began that journey so many years ago.

The 3i began because many of us realized that:

The incredible has become the inevitable;
Following the old rules for success can lead to failure;
Ambiguity and paradox are the norm rather than the exception;
Leaders are challenged to do more, faster, and at a higher level of quality—all with fewer resources;
Continuous change is welcomed as an opportunity to create new value;
Learning to collaborate is as important as driving to compete, if not more so;
The strongest leaders are the most flexible and agile – not the most certain;
The key to organizational success is learning; and
Everyone needs to consider him- or herself accountable to innovate.

We are committed to working with all who want to co-create the future through collaboration, sharing, and genuine engagement in a voyage of discovery. We are focused on strategic foresight, public policy aimed at shaping the context for all of us, innovation, philanthropy, and social enterprise. We are engaging some of the leading thinkers and actors in the field of innovation and futures-thinking. We will be offering learning opportunities, mentoring, and coaching opportunities all through the best focused social media engagement platform in the world. We will share more of the thinking and planning associated with 3i. But, for now, start thinking about how you want to engage and contribute – about what you want to develop and share – about what you want to learn.

By Stephen Murgatroyd -