Bioprinting – The Next Wave of Health Care Disruption

Scientists and doctors are teaming up all around the world to print organs, layer by layer, with 3D printing technologies. These developments include  3D printed livers at San Diego-based bio-printing company Organovo to 3D printing skin cells at Wake Forest University, all from your own cells. Recently, so as to “prep” for surgery on an infant, a medical team arranged for a 2D printed heart  to explore surgical options. 3D printed valves, components required for head and neck reconstruction and other body parts have all been in play for some time.

As speed and quality improves, printing replacement body parts from stem-cells or from emerging nano constructions will become increasingly possible. This could have a major impact on the treatment of burn victims or in the restoration of damage after an accident.

Heart (1)

By Stephen Murgatroyd -